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July 25 – 27, 2024

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How our services are paid for influences what type of care patients receive and how occupational therapy practitioners think about and provide care. We need to have a seat at the table to inform the policies that determine the future of our profession and its viability in value-based care. 

The Amplify Therapy Summit aims to bring together practitioners, students, and leaders in occupational therapy and related healthcare fields to discuss current and upcoming policies that impact the access to care and the provision of therapy services. 

We aim to have meaningful conversations to identify policy solutions to current barriers to care and to meeting workforce needs. 

The Amplify Therapy Summit is hosted by Amplify OT – a company dedicated to educating and engaging occupational therapy practitioners and students in policy, advocacy, and quality.

Amplify OT makes Medicare and reimbursement easy to understand and empowers everyone to be OT Amplifiers with the Amplify OT Podcast, the Amplify OT Membership, numerous practice resources, and articles. Amplify OT is founded by Clarice Grote, MS, OTR/L. 

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Post-Acute Care

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Topics & Questions

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Note: Topics are not yet finalized. Topics are subject to change as speakers and sessions are scheduled.

Coverage of OT

Access to care in the US is closely tied with reimbursement and coverage. How should OT services be covered and reimbursed in an ideal world?

Staffing Mandates

We’ve seen minimum staffing requirements for nursing services. But what about therapy? Should OT be included or does this risk devaluing our skilled services?

Unified Post-Acute Care Payment Model

Since 2014 CMS has been hard at work developing the Unified PAC Payment Model. How should OT be represented in this


It’s a business basic, but one peak at social media can tell you it’s a major problem. At what point does it hinder patient care and support engaging in unethical or illegal activities. Is there a solution to be found?

Innovative Payment Models

Fee-for-service is fading away slowly but surely. Reimbursement models are becoming more complicated. How does OT adjust to meet the needs of clients while remaining a viable profession?

Measuring OT’s Value

Section GG and the BIMS aren’t perfect. Yet, they remain the primary way we assess function and cognition in post-acute care. What should be changed and how can OT adapt to demonstrate value using these measures.


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