We are continuing to add more information as we grow closer the the summit dates!

The Amplify Therapy Summit is a virtual event hosted by Amplify OT. This is our first event, and we hope to make it an annual occurrence that allows our profession to gather, learn, discuss, and inspire.

Attendees can use our general admission option free of charge. General admission provides access to most pre-recorded sessions and resource links. Paid VIP tickets will also be available, and they provide access to session recordings, live events, an exclusive group, and Q&As.

Important Dates:

Event Dates (2024):

  • Kick-off date: July 24
  • Official Event Date: July 25-July 27

Speaker Due Dates (2024):

  • May 15: Confirm interest in speaking at the Amplify Therapy Summit
  • May 26: deadline to request an interview-style presentation
  • June 15: Basic Speaker Information Due
    • Name/Contact
    • Bio
    • Headshot for Bio
    • CV or Resume
    • Learning Objectives
    • Copyright/ Release form
    • Disclosure form
    • Session Description
  • July 1: Presentation Material Due
    • Recording
    • Slides and Handouts
    • References for the session

Promotion Dates (2024)

  • Sign Ups Open: July 7th
  • Speaker Promotion Begins: July 11th
  • Early-Bird VIP Closes: July 14th

Speaker Benefits:

  • Certificate certifying your presentation as part of the Amplify Therapy Summit
  • Free VIP ticket for the Amplify Therapy Summit ($199 value)
    • CE Certificate for sessions attended (Applying for AOTA approval)
    • Includes access to recordings through December 31, 2024
    • VIP summit group
    • Access to ALL sessions and live panels
  • Exposure and Promotion
    • You and your session will be promoted on Amplify OT social media, website, and email channels to bring awareness to your work
    • Ability to link to your company or a link of your choice on your profile
    • Ability to provide a giveaway as a prize for attendees
  • Company Benefits
    • Ability to link to a freebie or newsletter to gather leads
    • Ability to record a 2-3 minute video promoting your program, business, or services
    • Ability to list a job opening or link to careers page

Session Details:


Summit sessions should be friendly and casual, with an emphasis on actionable takeaways. We want attendees to learn something valuable and have fun in the process. We encourage all sessions to end on an inspirational note with recommendations on how attendees can get involved or make a difference.

Session Length

  • Pre-recorded sessions should be 45 to 90 minutes in length.
  • Panels will be at least 60 minutes long and can go as long as 90 minutes.
  • Hot Takes should be 15 minutes or less (these are opinion-only sessions – so get out those soap boxes!)


Please choose whichever format will best serve your topic. This can be a combination of formats or only one.

  • Slides
  • No Slides (just you talking)
  • Combination of slides and no slides
  • Interview style – if you’d like to do an interview for your presentation, please notify us by May 26th at summit@amplifyot.com.
    • We will reach out to schedule a date for the interview before July 1, 2024
    • Speakers choosing an interview style will be asked to provide learning objectives, resources still, and suggested questions

Recording Requirements:

  • Clear Audio: Ensure clear audio quality with minimal background noise.
    • Turn off notifications or turn on “do not disturb mode”
    • Close Microsoft Teams and Outlook apps or tabs as these tend to ignore silenced notifications
    • Wear headphones to avoid echo, feedback, or miscellaneous computer sounds
  • Video on: Please have your camera on for your recording. This helps support engagement in your session
    • Use ring lights or lamps as needed so we can see your wonderful face!
  • Submit recordings as an MP4 or using a link where we can download the file

If you need assistance with recording your presentation or do not have access to recording software, please reach out to summit@amplifyot.com, and we will schedule a time for a Zoom call to record your presentation for you. We want to make this as easy as possible for you!

Accessibility Requirements:

  • If you have any essential images or tables in your slides, please verbally describe them and the results. We do not recommend spending time describing images that are used for decorative or design purposes only.
  • Ensure any font is legible on the slide – please break up slides as needed
  • Create documents and PDFs using appropriate headings to support the use of screen readers (please avoid using Canva if able as these are not accessibility friendly)
  • Transcripts will be provided to the audience, but you are not required to share your slides. If you are not sharing your slides, we request you create a session outline, including resources.
  • Use inclusive language and


Why are materials due so early?

Amplify OT is committed to providing a high-quality event that is as accessible as possible. The Amplify OT team will review and edit all presentations prior to the event to ensure accurate captions and transcripts are available to attendees. This editing takes time.

We also want time to provide feedback or corrections as needed.

If you need a later due date, please contact us at summit@amplifyot.com. We understand a later date may be necessary due to the nature of policy updates and changes.

Do I need to use slides?

You are not required to use slides.

  • Slides
  • No slides (just you talking)
  • Combination

Interview style – if you’d like to do an interview for your presentation, please notify us by DDDD at summit@amplifyot.com and we’ll schedule a time.

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